Charles Scheuer


Charles Scheuer

I study computer science and supply chain management at Washington University in St. Louis—graduating May '21. During my time as an undergrad, I did many things outside of the classroom: I engaged in global trade and sold 2,400 pairs of bluetooth earbuds on Amazon, designed a prototype of a fleece and determined its customer acquisition cost, and coded various web apps which have been seen and used by thousands.

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Lead Product Designer

April 2020 — August 2020

Reporting directly to the CEO, I designed a checking account for immigrants with tightly integrated credit features. Stilt was in Y Combinator's 2016 batch and has loaned over $50m to US immigrants.


Software Engineering Intern

May 2019 — August 2019

Collaborating with a diverse team of designers, engineers, and product managers, I worked on Flyhomes' client facing web application.


I am passionate about chasing my curiousity by building my ideas.

As an undergrad, I worked on various projects outside of classes to enhance my learning in business and computer science. I engaged in global trade to source and sell 2,400 pairs of bluetooth earbuds, designed a prototype of a fleece and determined it's customer acquisition cost, and built various web apps which have been seen and used by thousands.

Amazon Private Labeling

Selling Bluetooth Earbuds on Amazon

During my freshman summer, I dipped my toes into the deep waters of global trade. I learned how to identify ecommerce selling opportunities, source products through Alibaba, and improve SEO on Amazon. In the process, I sold 2,400 pairs of earbuds and produced $30,000 revenue in two months.


Join Zoom Calls in 1 Click

A chrome extension to view upcoming events from your Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar and automatically open popular conferencing solutions like Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Microsoft Teams and many more. Reached 200 weekly users within a week of launch. Though it was launched in the summer of 2020, the product still averages 150 users per week.


Feedback platform for music producers

I am currently building a web app for music producers to get feedback on their songs, but this is very much still a work in progress. The idea is to create something like cameo, but for music demos.

Rocket Apparel

Clothing Company Growth Experiments

After getting inspired by research on Mongolian wool production, I designed a wool Fleece. I sourced a prototype of the fleece and determined its conversion and customer acquisition cost, but determined that the idea was not worth pursuing. After this, I tried pivoting to a growth expirement on embroidered shirts featuring the same logo I designed.